I watched Inception at a reasonably good cinema last night!

First of all, Christopher Nolan, Sir, take a bow! For the most incredible, imaginative, skein-like, yet tightly-held-together story ever. EVER. This beats Lucas and his Wars with both hands and both feet tied… and a bag over the head. Heck, this beats the Wachowski brothers while being asleep. Two layers down.

I’d been apprehensive about missing something in the movie, since everybody I know seems to have watched it multiple times.  I’m starting to think people might be watching this movie multiple times to just, you know, watch the movie, and that ‘the story is too complex’ is just an excuse. Goddamn!

I’m told the film was longer than two hours. I must have been two layers above ‘awake’, because it felt like ten minutes! And not a single dull moment. Or twenty, if you’re counting in dream-time (Okay, I’ll stop doing that now).

The best written story in a long time was partnered with the most breathtaking photography since, well, since the Dark Knight; Same director, I’m guessing. And the background score! Mein Herr Zimmer, I have a bow for you too.

Amongst all this technical wizardry, one can almost be forgiven for thinking that Govinda and company could’ve pulled off the acting. Actually, no. One can’t be forgiven for thinking that. Bad, bad, Croor. The acting was good. However eclipsed DiCaprio and Ellen Page and co. may have been by the direction and the photography, they did a fine job… never overacting, never getting carried away, and yet making the viewer feel the urgency and the adrenaline.

I would’ve said I loved the editing and the screenplay and the casting, but I don’t know nearly enough about that stuff. I am willing to bet half the money in my pockets, however, that I already know what movie next year’s Oscar awards are going to go to. A dozen of them should do just fine, thanks.

The movie ended with what should have been a happily ever after, except there was a definite, and loud, gasp from the audience.

Why? Well, you’re going to have to go watch the movie to find out, haven’t you?!


UPDATE: For a brilliant write-up about the movie, go here. Traums pulled out all the stops on this one.


16 thoughts on “Inception!”

  1. I am afraid I disagree. Atleast for someone who prefers a tight storyline and a not necessarily gripping film to a film which is mindblowing but has, on first sight lots of loopholes. Of course to avoid spoiling the fun for those who would read this, I am not going in to details, but suffice to say, I found probably just a quarter of the loopholes and people on the net seem to be way ahead of me.

    The film was good. But, there are many places where you just cannot explain certain happenings in the film. For some people, this can be overlooked, but for me, a tight storyline is essential. Which is why, I think Memento was a far better work of his. And Prestige too.

    It will be interesting to see if he can answer all the questions doing the rounds. If he does, then kudos.

  2. I liked The Prestige. I’ve also been berated for not having seen Memento.

    There are loopholes in the story, though? I have to read about this. Apart from why he has to go into limbo into his own mind to get crazy japanese guy back (why his mind?), and probably other questions like that (as in, relating to the dream levels and so forth), I thought the story was properly held together.

    I should make up something about what the ending means. I’m sure there are people who’ve already written chapters about just that!

  3. Well, there are so many.. The scenes where they are in free fall (does not get translated to all the levels, and only one, but if you take it 2 levels at a time, then you must see a gravity-less snow world), him missing the kicks and still getting back with crazy japanese (how did they do that? If they die, then they go to a higher state, unless there is a kick), why he has to go into Mal’s world to get Fisher back, and if so why did he not so the same to Saito? Or if he did do that, then why be washed up a shore etc (was he delirious from searching? I dunno), to name a few are confusing… I do not remember the others, but I remember reading a whole lot of them yesterday night (and I thought the Internet would solve my doubts :|)

    But yes, there is this amazing theory that the whole thing was an inception against Cobb. Simply Brilliant 😀

  4. The physics goes down only one level of sleep, da!

    Except the music… the person whose dream it is is hearing music, so everybody hears music, which means that if there are people in dreams in the dream, and the persona of that dream is hearing the music too, the second level also hears music, and so on.

    If they die, they go into limbo… not a higher state. And as far as I could make out, they go into limbo in the mind of whomsoever’s projection killed them… which is why Cobb had to stay in his mind and search for Saito. How he ended up on the shore, I’m guessing your explanation is good.

  5. Well, if gravity goes down only one level, then consider the hotel level alone. That has no gravity now does it? So by that logic the next level should also be the same. Forget about the car level for a second.

    Well, but wasn’t Saito killed by Fisher’s projections (Rather a slow death over dream levels)? Or was he killed by Mal (If i remember right, it wasnt her)..? Why then did he go into some other world?

  6. Only one level as in whatever can get through a wall of sleep. Or something like that!

    Ah, yes… why Mal’s world? Hmm… nope, no idea.

  7. Hi i have a few “questions ” too…
    pl Oblige me if u find the time…

    1. When caprio n wife go t limbo , and hse doesnt want to come out of it, y doesnt he just kill her instead of planting the idea in her mind…??
    2. We are told a “falling” movement acts a s kick and wakes up the dreamer…
    When the VAN driven by Dileep Rao in level 1 is tumbling all over dont the passengers experience “falling ” and wake up????
    3.And a trick ques to which i think i know the Ans :
    in the 3rd level when max is at his fathers death bed, what/who makes the father says the things he said , which he didnt say in Reality??

    I completely agree with Aruns argument abt gravity….it had struck me too

    And if u compare this with previous Nolan works, in this movie he as taken far too many cinematic liberties…..

    – Die hard Nolan Fan (seen all his work)

  8. 1) Fair question. I somehow don’t remember having had the same question, though. Is it possible that it was answered somewhere in the movie? Bhadwa? Your notes say… ?

    2) I suppose Nolan properly messed up here. Physically, you’re accelerating throughout the fall. Unless the inner ear adjusts to the sensation of falling (until there’s another jolt), or something. Doesn’t seem likely, though.

    3) The father isn’t there! It’s the fellow saying all that to himself. Not a trick question at all, I must say.

  9. reply to 1 : well ive read wiki n imdb n discussed with a few ppl but no answer to that…

    3: thank god i got that right. its his projections n stuff like that..

    overall the movie gives me a feeling of The Matrix within The mAtrix, except inception is in Dream Land…..

    n m not a fan of Matrix …

  10. I am not pointing anything out here, I thoroughly loved the movie. LOVED it.

    But, when they did spend around ’50 years’ of ‘growing old’ together, why did the railway track suicide happen with them as young people… Or was the later idea of having grown old together, ‘Incepted’ into Mal’s mind once again, to relieve her of one inception…leading her into another..That could be an explanation. But brilliant idea. Brilliant movie.

  11. A simpler explanation is that they went to a second sleep level. Grew old in that sleep level, but in the first one, they’re still (fairly) young. One more loose end, though.

  12. Forger posed as the family friend. And it was two levels above this one. One level above this one, Fisher’s own projection of the family friend starts giving him bad information. This level is created by Fisher invading the mind of his own projection.

  13. well, the fourth level is dreamt by the forger, I am not sure if that means its heim again who created it. But anyway, the forger cant be the father at that level because he was pre-occupied with setting the charges, so you are right

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