Ellen Page on Jay Leno

One of the few perks of staying at home is that I saw Ellen Page interviewed on Jay Leno last night (Thursday, broadcast in India on Friday).

Ellen Page is awesome! I’ve seen Hard Candy, and Juno (not necessarily in that order) and loved her performances in both of them. She’s also in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie Inception (and the visuals in the trailer were stunning). Ellen Page talked about how she worked in a green-farming project, and her other eco-friendliness promotion work. She also talked about how she’s had a problem with sleep-walking and night-hallucinations (like Alan Shore). And then she got to the living in haunted houses bit.

Say it ain’t so, Ellen!

At first I thought she might be joking, you know, putting on an act. Apparently not. Ellen page is one of those new-age nuts who believe in ‘energy’ fields, and these ‘energy’ fields generating emotions in people and so on.

Now, exactly nothing of my opinion of any of this is going to change because Ellen Page (or anybody else) believes in this balderdash. But it’s (inexplicably, perhaps) kind of disappointing to see people you admire turn out to be morons about some things, especially, as is the case here, if they are commendable role-models in some other respects.


2 thoughts on “Ellen Page on Jay Leno”

  1. Saw “Inception” at satyam yesterday. Best movie I’ve seen since Inglorious Basterds. Christopher Nolan delivers yet again!

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