The Youngest (Assistant) Professor

Yes. Read that title again.

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi (tat, for short) has become the youngest  Assistant Professor at an IIT. Not to take anything away from tat, of course. A PhD and an offer to join the faculty of IIT Bombay don’t come the way of every 23 year old. But, just to be clear, he’s joined IITB at an entry level position that most people won’t get till 25 or 26. So yeah, he’s made up 2 or 3 years.

To put that in perspective… My roommate from first-year (Alibaba) at IITM was 16 when he got into IITM. He’s 21 now and he has a masters in electrical engg from IITM. The fastest PhDs on record have taken about two or two and a half years. So, in my book, Alibaba is on track to beat tat. And Alibaba wasn’t hailed as a child prodigy or anything. He just slyly wrote every exam in life two years earlier than he was supposed to. And to think I’d been living with a child prodigy beater for a full year!


NB: If you did visit that link, I’m sorry about your eyes.


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