Breeding, Upbringing, and Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De writes about some recent films she’s watched and how she doesn’t like them at all, and how they’re all boring, like, you know… Apparently, someone in the film industry didn’t want to be lectured to by a professional nitpicker. Now, Shobhaa De can’t have that, can she? She rants in her latest column in Bangalore Times (It’s originally from Bombay Times, but hey, I read it in Bangalore Times, so that’s what I’ll say the article is from; the thing can also be read at her blog).

She talks of how the new brats in bollywood (her words) think all journalists (she includes herself in this category) are for sale, and how respectable people in bollywood (and she anoints herself the arbiter of who can go into this category) are those with the best breeding and upbringing.

You know. Like dogs.

Do you want to have the cutest pups around? You can’t just get some dog from the street to breed with your bitch. You have to find a stud with the best pedigree. Otherwise you’ll just end up with unhealthy pups that don’t behave properly.

So people who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are respectable, and people who aren’t, aren’t. People who’re born to ‘respectable’ parents are ‘respectable’ themselves, and those who aren’t aren’t.

The thing is, people aren’t dogs. We are, of course, animals, and are, evolutionarily, relatively close cousins of dogs. But we also have much more advanced frontal cortices. We can think and decide for ourselves, no matter what our parentage (breeding and upbringing, to use Shobhaa De’s words).

Godwin’s law is a well-known phenomenon on internet forums, and one always hates to compare someone who is more silly and full-of-herself than malicious or diabolical to Hitler. That said, the Nazis did have similar ideas about human beings and their purity of race.


2 thoughts on “Breeding, Upbringing, and Shobhaa De”

  1. I used to read her column when I was in school. It would leave a bad taste in my mouth, always. Did not know how to put it in words. Here it is, in your post!
    ..brats in bollywood.. lol.

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