Random Photograph: Moushami

I’ve posted quite a few pictures (roughly half, if somebody wants to check) from Vattam and his flickr page. The selection was mine, however. I thought I’d ask Vattam if he had any favourites he might want to post here. — Croor.

This is my first post on this blog. This photograph has given me immense satisfaction for having taken it, which I must admit I seldom get. Her name is Moushami. Her amused stare and the expression on her father’s face are what make this photograph priceless in my opinion. The sepia tone just adds to the emotions. More photos here.



Author: Santosh G Vattam

I am Santosh G Vattam, studying Masters in Embedded Systems at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Science from B M S College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.

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