Dhoni gets married

Anybody who doesn’t live in the middle of nowhere knows by now that MS Dhoni got married to somebody late last night.

That poor woman!

The media in this country are incorrigible. I’m sure the fact that she is getting married to Dhoni is news to some people, you know, her family and friends, but why on Earth is it news for the rest of us? How does our life change if newly-Mrs.Dhoni is a Business school graduate or if she went to this school or that?

Predictably, then, every news channel that I happened to pass through when I was shifting from MotoGP (Lorenzo won) to Wimbledon (Rafa Won) had the same thing blaring out from it. The one I actually watched at dinner seemed to have taken pictures from her Facebook page and put them up on national TV. So much for Facebook’s privacy policy. And this went on for the first ten minutes of the primetime news show.

I’m sure people in the entertainment industry are all enthu about and are already doing all the legwork necessary to violate Dhoni and his family’s privacy (I saw, for example, some Kannada channel juxtapose pictures of Dhoni and the female with an audio track of some supposedly romantic song in the background. WTF!). But with everything else that’s happening in the country, does the mainstream(and I use that word hesitantly) media have to do it too?


One thought on “Dhoni gets married”

  1. Its “The Myth of the Liberal Media”, with channels like them trying to provide news for 24X7
    [ most of which is crap ] && with majority of people in here liking such cheap display of so called news, these mind numbing media business always look for increasing there TRP, no matter how low, they will get down to it to reach a good hike in there ratings!

    As Noam Chomsky says, “Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

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