Sunday Afternoon’s Musings

1) I saw Spain play Paraguay yesterday. I also saw Germany destroy Argentina, but the Spain-Paraguay match was so much better. Paraguay were Rafael Nadal to Spain’s Roger Federer, if the venue was the Wimbledon final. Paraguay ran after everything, and played out of their skins. Even with my knowledge of football, I could tell that they were matching the better skill of Spain by putting their bodies on the line.

In a match whose storyline wouldn’t have been out of place in a WWE ring, including the referee’s not-so-uninfluential call to replay a penalty kick, the heroes have to be said to be Casillas and Villar, the goalkeepers of the two sides. That Villar finally let one through while Casillas kept his goal safe is only incidental. They were fantastic.

2) Speaking of Nadal and Federer, Nadal is playing Federer’s killer at Centre-court at Wimbledon later this afternoon. Somehow, I think the English crowd at Wimbledon is going to be confused as to whom they support in this match. (Has anybody else noticed how little support Nadal gets, whoever the opponent? The same’s true of Berdych, now that he’s become the Federer-killer).

3) Serena Williams thrashed Vera Zvonareva in the Ladies final at Wimbledon yesterday, in a match that lasted all of one hour. It makes you think, sometimes, whether people who say women’s tournaments shouldn’t carry the same prize money as men’s tournaments have a point… Of course, with only a little more thought, one realises that criticizing women for playing matches that last fewer hours is like berating men for not bearing children; that these things are ultimately spectator events, and that if spectators want to watch women play tennis as much as they want to watch men play tennis, there is no reason to pay the women any less.

4) Speaking of Women’s tennis, there seem to be yet more Russian tennis-players-who-wouldn’t-be-out-of-place-in-a-photoshoot / models-who-can-play-tennis. The latest one I’ve seen is called Elena Vesnina. Damn.

5) Delhi and India have added to the IGI airport a new terminal, this one claimed to be the third largest in area worldwide, with much fanfare and space for shopping and so forth. ‘Delhi’s Airport, India’s Pride’ says a newspaper headline. I don’t feel particularly overawed that a country of 1.3 billion built themselves an airport. Sure, we didn’t mess it up like we did the Bangalore airport. So? Is it chest-thump worthy that the second most populous country in the world has the fifth biggest airport? Oh, the airport is also ‘world-class’, did I mention, whatever that means.

6)  The internet connection here at home is  a BSNL limited bandwidth line, and my being from IITM, even with its LAN cuts means that I’ve managed to use up all the allotted monthly bandwidth in three days. And since there is no way to change usage plans midway through the month, my internet usage will have to be severely throttled if I don’t want the telephone bill running into five digits. Dang it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon’s Musings”

  1. I exceeded my download limit in just two days when I went home. The bill is due on 9th but I’m back in insti. July is the best month to download stuff from insti. I’m downloading stuff from rapidshare freely at my own pace.

    Men watch men’s and women’s tennis matches for different reasons (Women I can’t comment on and yes the Nile was about the same length then as it is now.) So it ultimately boils down to what your incentives are; i.e., where your priorities lie. But in both cases fewer hours is bad I guess. But come on, you can’t possibly be suggesting hourly wages 🙂

  2. Totally random comment! Bravo!

    My point, which I’m assuming you got, was that there isn’t any need for absolute standards in sport. So men can serve faster than women for a fact, and that shouldn’t be held against women.

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