#2657, Bangalore Mail

It has been my experience that (and I have to quote Sheldon Cooper here to say that although I don’t believe in luck, mine’s always bad) every time I travel, and especially if I heavy baggage to carry, it rains; sometimes in the city I’m leaving, sometimes in the city I’m going to, sometimes both. It has also been my experience that there is a very noisy child in every train compartment I’ve traveled in.

So when Priya commented yesterday that it looked like it was going to rain, I wasn’t at all surprised. Or amused. It didn’t. Just when I thought my luck was turning a corner, there it was, the mandatory noisy child in the compartment I was in, right under my berth. I expected another sleepless night after tugging, lugging and heaving a bunch of bags which were too small to ship using a courier service, but much too large for an ordinary person to travel with.

None of it! After the TTE passed through S-5, and the lights were switched off, I don’t remember even having turned around. I awoke at 5am, much after the train had reached Bangalore and was the last person to (rather frantically, given that the whistle was sounded twice) to leave the train.

Finally, I say, some luck (which I don’t believe in) goes my way.


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