Last day at IITM…

People who know me know me to be (somewhat selectively) afflicted with a not inconsiderable case of the obsessive-compulsive. What this means is that I’m also quite the hoarder. I had to clear my room out today, and here’s a sample of what I found tucked away here and there in my room:

: My first Shaastra Vol badge, my first Aero-tech meet badge, my badges from four other workshops I’ve attended over the last five years.

: The Berlin day-pass I bought on the first day we landed there. Three monthly passes from Berlin city transport, the ID that the transport authority issued.

: The ticket stub from the snow-rides at Mt. Titlis, the ticket stub from the Opeth concert which I enjoyed, the ticket stub from the Atma charity concert that I didn’t attend.

: My admission letter from IITM, the first ever ‘I won’t drive powered vehicles on campus’ declaration that I signed, the receipt for the 15000 bucks I paid on admission day.

My word should have to do when I say that a comprehensive list of everything I’ve stored because I might need it later would take me half a day of typing.

My point in putting down all of this is this: there has to be some sort of law against an institute blackmailing a student with ‘unless you pack up and leave, (which invariably leads to a huge depletion of hoarded stuff), we will not give you your degree’. Why can’t I just keep my room at Saras? Every politician in the country does it with their government-owned, given to them for a fixed term, housing!

At any rate, Au Revoir. At least until the convocation.


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