Cleartrip, Coolpreview and the most arbit search-term ever

1) I’m among the more loyal patrons of Indian Railways. Well, not that I travel a lot, of course, but my father does, and his limit of computer savviness hits a ceiling at logging out of his Gmail account. I’ve been using the IRCTC website for quite some time now, and have only now discovered how useful Cleartrip can be. Not only is it much better designed, with information about availability and fares in the main window itself, it is also somehow much faster than IRCTC, doesn’t go blank every so often and works even on Sundays. Go back to school, IRCTC! Sure, cleartrip costs 15 bucks more, but I’d give up 15 bucks to save myself the unnecessary trouble anyday.

2) Coolpreviews from cooliris is an addon for Firefox and a preview window for html links. It runs a small window where you can visit links from a page you’re reading without navigating from the page. For someone who is as Google Reader dependent as I am, there hasn’t been a better addon yet.

3) I was looking through my blog’s stats yesterday, and one of the visits to the blog was from a search for ‘fuck the white race’… WTF!! Is it just me or is this vaguely creepy? I hope the fellow who came here hoping for racist screenbits (‘soundbite‘, so ‘screenbit’?. UrbanDictionary, I want credit for this!) went away disappointed.


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