No more…

In all the hassle of (not) completing my project in time, handing in a project report, preparing for the viva voce, and running around for sundry other administrative niggles, I haven’t really had time to worry about packing up my room and all the crap in it, and moving it to Bangalore.

I called a courier company today, to have my stuff shipped. It hadn’t hit me until today that I’ll never be at Saras 245 after this. No more Saras. No more Dept. of Aerospace Engg., No more IITM.

No more staying up till 4am, and expecting there to be somebody else up too. No more coffee on a whim at 2am, no more bitching that coffee’s only available till 2am.

No longer will walking to my neighbour’s be walking less than 10 feet. No more neighbours I might want to walk 10 feet to.

No more watching F1 in the common room, with someone just as die-hard watching with me. No more talks about double-diffusers, legal or not.

No more Guru, no more random food. No more basera, and no more reprieves from mess food. No more mess food!

No more working till midnight at the lab. No more pretending to work till midnight at the lab. No more expecting company at Tifanys when done pretending to work at the lab. No more lab.

There are some things that you expect to hit you harder than others. Then, there’s what’s happening here. I’ve become so used to this place that I’ve never thought about leaving it. When, now, I finally have to, it’s going to hit me like a brick wall.

Damn! I’m no longer a student at IITM. I’m an ex-IITian.


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