Holi at Saras: A Story in Pictures

The following is a story. Since I have documentary evidence for it, it must be a true story.

There is this fellow, Item, who wanted nothing more than to enjoy a free day to himself:

This day, however, happened to be the day of Holi. At Saras.

(Please be warned that this is probably NSFW, and that you had better have some experience with hostel life before you peer into the darkness herein!):

Item wanted no part of Holi at Saras, with its mass hazings,


…and the ritual purification of lost souls by the act of pouring buckets of coloured water through their hair:

Item knew that there were some of us who were sympathetic to his cause.

Unfortunately for Item, he was spotted by the hordes that run the Holi circus. Nobody watches the mob’s activities and goes free! ‘After Him!’

The mob first sent Nimit (who was conveniently ill and was thus spared the ablutions of Holi) after Item… in the hopes that Item might listen to reason:

Item refused to be budged. The mob then sent the diabolical BJ after Item, who threatened to break down Item’s door and haze Item in his own room.

Item decided to spare himself the trouble of cleaning up his room, and gave in to the mob’s demands.The result: Item, after his ritual purification that lasted a proper half hour.

(Due apologies to Nimit, BJ, and Item)


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