This is no longer tennis

In a first round match between two relatively unknown players at Wimbledon, one expects… well, most of all, one expects not to hear about the match at all. Boy, did that go wrong here! This match, between John Isner of the US and Nikolas Mahut of France, has lasted nearly 11 hours (at the time of this writing, they are tied at 62-62 in the fifth set), going into a second day.  Not kidding. Not even about this being a first round match.

On day 10 at Wimbledon, when Thiemo de Bakker of the US beat compatriot Santiago Giraldo in a five setter with the last set ending 16-14, de Bakker must have thought himself severely hamstrung against whoever his second round opponent was going to be. Hallelujah! His opponent, if at all there is one, will be the winner of the match between Mahut and Isner. That second-round match will be a show-stopper, won’t it? Serves will go from one end to the other of the court… barely!

What happens if the two players decide to just keep playing? They must have realised neither of them is going to do anything more in this tournament. What happens if the other half of the men’s tournament has Federer reaching the finals and waiting for a first round match to get over? That, I’d like to see!

UPDATE: The match has finally ended with Isner winning the final set 70-68. Monsieur Federer will not wait at centre court for a first round match to get over. Pity.


4 thoughts on “This is no longer tennis”

  1. I sense there is going to be a rule added into the tennis manual saying if a match lasts for more than 50 points in the tie breaker in the fifth set the result will be decided by the toss of a coin.

  2. …stating the Obvious. They should include one, though. 25-25 should be enough to force a tie-breaker in the fifth set.

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