I don’t like Mondays

… especially if they include a 20 minute presentation on what I’ve been (supposedly) doing for the last 12 months.

Today’s my viva-voce.

And I dread presentations. To be fair, I have no problem talking in informal groups; I’m also not peeved giving random talks about stuff that doesn’t matter, stuff about which the more you obfuscate and beat around the bush the better… (to wit: HS course presentations at IITM). All you have to do is take a stand one way or another, and the presentation will go forward on its own with people doing carrying on the discussion for you. Or you appear to sit on the fence, and you’ll be considered a voice of moderation, a ‘sophisticated’ thinker.

Technical presentations about engineering, on the other hand… Yeesh!

Me no good. Me suck. Mi-viva in an hour. Me hope to survive.

This is even more an issue of survival than it would ordinarily be for me, because I’ve royally pissed off one of the members on my committee. (Ask me about it. I’ll tell you.)

If I make it through the presentation and question-session, I’ll say something about it here [Link updated] (after treating the prof who let me print my thesis out on his comp; Thanks, HSN).



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