Last day at IITM…

People who know me know me to be (somewhat selectively) afflicted with a not inconsiderable case of the obsessive-compulsive. What this means is that I’m also quite the hoarder. I had to clear my room out today, and here’s a sample of what I found tucked away here and there in my room:

: My first Shaastra Vol badge, my first Aero-tech meet badge, my badges from four other workshops I’ve attended over the last five years.

: The Berlin day-pass I bought on the first day we landed there. Three monthly passes from Berlin city transport, the ID that the transport authority issued.

: The ticket stub from the snow-rides at Mt. Titlis, the ticket stub from the Opeth concert which I enjoyed, the ticket stub from the Atma charity concert that I didn’t attend.

: My admission letter from IITM, the first ever ‘I won’t drive powered vehicles on campus’ declaration that I signed, the receipt for the 15000 bucks I paid on admission day.

My word should have to do when I say that a comprehensive list of everything I’ve stored because I might need it later would take me half a day of typing.

My point in putting down all of this is this: there has to be some sort of law against an institute blackmailing a student with ‘unless you pack up and leave, (which invariably leads to a huge depletion of hoarded stuff), we will not give you your degree’. Why can’t I just keep my room at Saras? Every politician in the country does it with their government-owned, given to them for a fixed term, housing!

At any rate, Au Revoir. At least until the convocation.


Cleartrip, Coolpreview and the most arbit search-term ever

1) I’m among the more loyal patrons of Indian Railways. Well, not that I travel a lot, of course, but my father does, and his limit of computer savviness hits a ceiling at logging out of his Gmail account. I’ve been using the IRCTC website for quite some time now, and have only now discovered how useful Cleartrip can be. Not only is it much better designed, with information about availability and fares in the main window itself, it is also somehow much faster than IRCTC, doesn’t go blank every so often and works even on Sundays. Go back to school, IRCTC! Sure, cleartrip costs 15 bucks more, but I’d give up 15 bucks to save myself the unnecessary trouble anyday.

2) Coolpreviews from cooliris is an addon for Firefox and a preview window for html links. It runs a small window where you can visit links from a page you’re reading without navigating from the page. For someone who is as Google Reader dependent as I am, there hasn’t been a better addon yet.

3) I was looking through my blog’s stats yesterday, and one of the visits to the blog was from a search for ‘fuck the white race’… WTF!! Is it just me or is this vaguely creepy? I hope the fellow who came here hoping for racist screenbits (‘soundbite‘, so ‘screenbit’?. UrbanDictionary, I want credit for this!) went away disappointed.

It was 4-2!

I don’t personally have a favourite team in the current football world cup, but I do think England was hard done by  in their round of 16 match against Germany tonight.

One could argue that, for example, had the scoreline been 2-2 at halftime, the English wouldn’t have had to attack like madmen and leave their turf undefended. I [don’t, evidently. See comments.] subscribe to the shoulda-woulda-coulda school of logic, by and large, and don’t know if I accept this argument in its entirety. I do, however, think that Lampard and England were exceedingly unlucky, and that the referee for the match deserves a kick in the backside, the git.

If this doesn’t underscore the need in football for, you know, a guy on the fucking sideline with a damn walkie-talkie and a frikkin TV set, I don’t know what could.

Holi at Saras: A Story in Pictures

The following is a story. Since I have documentary evidence for it, it must be a true story.

There is this fellow, Item, who wanted nothing more than to enjoy a free day to himself:

This day, however, happened to be the day of Holi. At Saras.

(Please be warned that this is probably NSFW, and that you had better have some experience with hostel life before you peer into the darkness herein!): Continue reading “Holi at Saras: A Story in Pictures”

No more…

In all the hassle of (not) completing my project in time, handing in a project report, preparing for the viva voce, and running around for sundry other administrative niggles, I haven’t really had time to worry about packing up my room and all the crap in it, and moving it to Bangalore.

I called a courier company today, to have my stuff shipped. It hadn’t hit me until today that I’ll never be at Saras 245 after this. No more Saras. No more Dept. of Aerospace Engg., No more IITM.

No more staying up till 4am, and expecting there to be somebody else up too. No more coffee on a whim at 2am, no more bitching that coffee’s only available till 2am.

No longer will walking to my neighbour’s be walking less than 10 feet. No more neighbours I might want to walk 10 feet to.

No more watching F1 in the common room, with someone just as die-hard watching with me. No more talks about double-diffusers, legal or not.

No more Guru, no more random food. No more basera, and no more reprieves from mess food. No more mess food!

No more working till midnight at the lab. No more pretending to work till midnight at the lab. No more expecting company at Tifanys when done pretending to work at the lab. No more lab.

There are some things that you expect to hit you harder than others. Then, there’s what’s happening here. I’ve become so used to this place that I’ve never thought about leaving it. When, now, I finally have to, it’s going to hit me like a brick wall.

Damn! I’m no longer a student at IITM. I’m an ex-IITian.