She did what? Talk to a guy? The nerve of her!

I was told about this report of a student at a local engineering college (SMK Fomra Institute of Technology) in Chennai killing herself after she and some others were reprimanded for having company of the opposite sex. And no, I don’t mean ‘having company’; I only mean being in the presence of, and conversing with.

First off, to be fair, I don’t know that this is the whole story. I can’t, for example, understand how it is that a girl thinks her parents, who have been willing to send her to college 2000 km away, will object to her talking to guys. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what the story is being claimed to be – that she got a scolding, that she was told her parents would be informed that she was talking to, you know, boys, and that she was so distraught about even the possibility of this that she hanged herself. It doesn’t seem beyond possibility, to me, that there may have been other issues involved.

The girl, Anithra, was rebuked by the chairman of the college, S Fomra who also happened to be related to her. My beef about this episode is this: Even if one ignores the fact that the college was enforcing policy that wouldn’t pass a laugh test, and ignores that in order to better enforce their policies of sexual repression that would seem borderline strict in the 17th Century Mughal empire of Aurangazeb, the college was snooping on its own students with CCTV cameras installed all over campus, I still can’t imagine how it is that the Chairman of an engineering college has enough time, or motivation, or less sensibility and sensitivity than a dry turd to watch the feed from the CCTVs, discover infractions of ‘college policy’ and reprimand the ‘offenders’ himself. How does this happen? Is this what Chairpersons of colleges do, these days?

As it happens, I am in no mood to ignore the fact that there are co-ed colleges that would try or even want to enforce a policy that forbids students talking to people of the opposite sex. What the hell does the administration of this college think it is running? A high school in Khomeini’s Iran? A madrasa for the Taliban? The girl was an adult, for crying out loud. If she were caught fucking somebody in her hostel room, it still would be nothing more than an impressive feat of sneaking past the (presumably many) guards and cameras. It certainly would be none of the college’s goddamn business.

When will colleges learn to stop treating students like convicts? Or like sex-addicts who are just waiting for the people in charge to turn around for coffee to start fornicating?

I thought colleges were places which instil in you values of good judgement and sensibility, places that are the first periods of extended social life outside family, places that trained you for your life ahead. Contrast that with the utter idiocy on display here. If this is how our colleges are run, is it any surprise that this society reeks of sexual repression?

* On an unrelated note, the Times reporter says the fact that the girl was related to the chairman is ironic. Why? How is a relative of a college administrator any less likely to have personal issues? Or is it perhaps unworthy of attention if non-relatives of college administrators to kill themselves? Ironic! The idiocy.


6 thoughts on “She did what? Talk to a guy? The nerve of her!”

  1. Hey, Nice Blog…
    Am a student of that college. However I am not aware of what “really” happened…
    but the fact is the college is not really that strict and the cameras are intended to be used during exams.

    What you said in the begining about not knowing the full story actually makes sense, well after that some parts made sense otherwise we dont know the facts so better not speculate…

    Also there are allegations about the project manager abusing the student and driving her to suicide (no evidence about that)…

    Also the Times says no suicide note was found but Indian Express includes that a suicide was found and it simply said, “sorry”

    Moreover, i feel students must not be so sensitive under pressure. Is suicide easier than facing the scrutiny of her parents? She just did not know the value of life? Or is it heroic to commit suicide?

    Also there are a lot of unanswered questions which probably are never going to be answered…

  2. Hi..

    Yeah… even i’m a student of that college. As RayRadek said, our college isn’t strict at all! Even I don’t know what exactly happened. We are having holidays now. And that chairman is funny! We guys just feel like laughing whenever he scolds! Hmm… we call him “comedy piece”. I think the girl was too sensitive. And I think some other staff is mainly involved. Hmm… ve to call some hostel guy n ask…. or wait till college reopens 😉

  3. @Rayradek, I like how you went from this:

    we dont know the facts so better not speculate…

    to this:

    there are allegations about the project manager abusing the student and driving her to suicide

    At any rate, here’s what I gather from your and the next fellow’s comments: Your college has policies which most of you rightly ignore; that there are cameras all over campus which are ‘intended’ to be used only during exams – Why? How does someone watching over one’s shoulder help one’s exam-writing abilities?; your inept chairman tries to enforce his policies, and often harangues students, and is also ignored.

    My question is this: What happens to somebody who takes a scolding more seriously than she should?

  4. @croor…..well the cameras are there not because of chairman’s policy or his own personal will……..its because of anna university….as they made this rule for every single college under their affiliation….

  5. @think, can we all agree that treating students as if they are at risk of grave anti-social behaviour the moment they are let off constant surveillance is stupid, insulting and worthy not of a college, but of a maximum-security jail?

    How does it matter whose idea it was to install the cameras? Does your chairman have to stare at the cameras because they’re there?

    @Everyone, since you are from the college in question, can you please tell me there’ve been some repercussions? And I don’t mean students bashing up staff or their property – I mean a change in policy.

  6. nice blog.

    After this whole problem chairman’s son became new chairman,
    And he[new chairman AKA old chairman’s son] decided to ruin our life[because we protested after Anithra’s death] by giving us low internals (0,1,2,3 out of 20) and guess what ? More than 250 students failed because of him.

    And this new chairman is too afraid to show up at college.So i guess ‘ruining lives’ pretty much runs in their family.

    whole story :

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