Draw Mohammed Day

Today. May 20th, if you didn’t know, was Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Blasphemy is a victimless crime, after all.

After the (thinly veiled) death threat against Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park and the subsequent censored episode of South Park, several cartoonist-bloggers decided to openly call the bluff of the anti-free-speech, medieval-minded thugs of radical Islam. A Facebook group was started ( a Facebook group against that group was also started), and Pakistan decided it was having none of it, and banned both Facebook and Youtube wholesale.

The site for Draw Mohammed has dozens of cartoons; here are some others I got in my RSS feed reader:

Flea Snobbery,

Mark Fiore, with the Correspondence course on Jihad against Cartoonists, by Inky-al-Jihadi

PZ Myers’ rendition of Moo-Ham-ed, the hybrid hermaphrodite cow-pig

and, most provocatively of all, Jesus and Mo, which regularly portrays Mohammed, but pulled out all the stops for this one:

Jesus and Mo

The logic behind the no-images-of mohammed policy in Islam is supposed to be that allowing Mohammed to be portrayed would lead to idolatry. The flaw in the argument, of course, is that there already are hundreds of depictions of mohammed in Islam, and also other instances of idolatry in organised Islam – think of the Hadj pilgrimage, which is undertaken so that people can go kiss a stone in the corner of a building in Mecca; that is even if one says nothing of the inanity of strict adherence to something written 13 centuries ago.


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